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Apr 10, 2018

“95% of our actions are unconscious. In order to shift into where 5% of the population live – and that is as free individuals who are actually living their heart path and being extremely abundant while doing so – what you need to do is look at what is going on in the unconscious to sabotage your life and sabotage your business.” – Chantelle Raven. This week on the Startup Creative podcast we go deep with Chantelle Raven. The academic, turned entrepreneur has a law degree, honours in philosophy, she’s written books, is a teacher and a tantric facilitator. Chantelle and Kaylene discuss how cultural conditioning has stopped us from creating a life of freedom. Chantelle shares her knowledge on creating change in one’s life, addictions, listening to your environment, the relationship between Tantra and business, authenticity, being courageous, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you listen to one podcast this week, make it this one. But prepare to have your mind blown.