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May 29, 2018

“It’s so powerful to remind yourself that often success comes right after you think you can’t go any further.” – Kaylene Langford. Whether you’re starting a business, you’re grinding in a nine to five, or you’re simply dealing with the everyday ups and downs of life, there are going to be moments that push you to your limits; moments that make you want to quit. This week, StartUp Creative founder Kaylene Langford takes you through the toughest moments she’s experienced in the lead up to the launch of issue five of StartUp Creative magazine. From breakups to buying houses to pregnancies, Kaylene and her business partner Tess have encountered it all throughout the process. Kaylene shares what she learned along the way, including the five steps that helped her focus on the end goal and ultimately bring the incredible magazine to fruition. Use Kay’s tips to navigate your way through your own battles and overcome any negative moments to reach your goals. Make sure you pick up a copy of StartUp Creative magazine for loads more business tips and life hacks like these: